Short Films

Cutoff, LA (2011, 13 mins)

Set in a rundown trailer park, Cutoff, LA follows Anne, a naive teenager who longs for a different life. Her dreams seem possible when she forms a relationship with the boy who lives a few trailers down. Together they make plans to leave, but getting out of your own life isn't always as easy as it sounds.

Directed by Rachel Perlis, starring Loren Fontenot, Sam Bryan, Olga Wilhelmine, and Monique McCain.


The Lion's Den (2012, 21 mins)

Benjamin Witt arrives at the home of the great philanthropist and antiquarian Leopold Ellison after receiving a mysterious letter requesting his presence for dinner. Once there he meets several other guests with the exact same letter in hand. This is not a trip into the Twilight Zone---rather, into The Lion's Den.

Directed by Rachel Perlis, starring Matt Story, John D. Reeves, Peter Anthony Anderson, Steven Waldren, Samuel Cobean, and Anil Bajaj.

Winner of Best of Fest at the Third Street Film Festival. Official selection at the JamFest Indie Film Festival, Myrtle Beach International Film Festival, the Louisiana International Film Festival, and the Big Island Film Festival.


Bullets at the Ballet (2015, 15 mins)

Anna Assoluta is an aging ballerina who moonlights as an assassin must fight her way back to the theater to perform after a hit goes wrong. Whom can she trust?

Directed by Rachel Perlis, starring Christine Perkins, Emelia Perkins, Olga Wilhelmine, and Samuel Cobean.

Official Selection at the Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival, the Los Angeles International Women's Film Festival, and the Artemis Women in Action Film Festival.


The Tapir (2016, in post-production)

Eric's day-to-day activities are brought to an abrupt halt when a strange sighting leaves people questioning his sanity. A stint in a psych ward leaves him questioning what life is really all about.

Directed by Rachel Perlis, starring Andew Chau, Lucius Falick, Olga Wilhelmine, and Peter Anthony Anderson.